Mission Statement

  • The needs and requirements of our stakeholders are the basis for the long-term successful management of our company.
  • We strictly comply with existing law.
  • Customer orientation, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and the creation of a measureable benefit for our clients secure our own success.
  • For us quality is a matter of course. We accomplish the optimal use of resources as well as a continuous improvement of processes by thoroughly planned, systematic and goal-oriented actions. Our innovative culture permits mistakes. They can not be fully avoided when making entrepreneurial decisions. Nevertheless we think that avoiding mistakes in areas like production and finance is key. Weaknesses are being eliminated as soon as possible.
  • Our employees are motivated, have fun at work and distinguish themselves by highly professional and social competences. Showing engagement, being pro-active and goal-oriented are supplementary competences and contribute to secure jobs in our company. A systematic employee selection, an exemplary training and continuous education, appropriate leadership and promotion of employees is an essential part for our corporate success. Our employees act autonomous, entrepreneurial and self dependent in the interest of the company and its customers. Our company is a place for performance-oriented and entrepreneurial personalities.
  • Our teamwork as well as the communication within the company, with customers, suppliers and other partners are characterized by committed and measurable goals, openness, trust, loyalty and consequent learning. Beside their professional knowledge we expect from our employees a process-oriented teamwork in excess of the boundaries of their own department. Our statements towards our colleagues, superiors, coworkers and all other stakeholders are reliable.