Focus of Acquisition & Business Model

Our focus on selected investments combined with our expertise in the area of turnaround management and post merger integration contribute to the long-term success of acquired companies.

Swiss Global Investment Group focuses on the acquisition and reorganization of distressed companies as well as on companies in special situations.  The latter includes companies  and business  units of companies  that are no longer core business of the seller and therefore shall be sold, but also companies that are being sold due to challenges with regards to succession planning.  Companies that we acquire should have an established market position as well as a solid customer base.

We see ourselves as long-term investors. Our main goal is to secure competitiveness of companies and to save as many jobs as possible.

Focusing on selected transactions enables our team to really concentrate on the acquired companies.

Performance Optimization

Based on our profound knowledge in turnaround management and restructuring of companies we are also able to solve complex tasks in a timely manner.

Before acquiring a company we analyze the potentials of improvement  thoroughly and also  develop a first action plan for reorganizing the company. 

We only acquire a company if we see a realistic chance to make the company competitive and profitable and to improve its liquidity.

To ensure the long-term competitiveness of a company we not only bring in our industry experts. We also actively support the management of the acquired company in the area of change management to ensure necessary changes in organizational culture.

We motivate all employees with an adequate base salary, an attractive bonus, individual trainings and education,  the active involvement in projects, an open and transparent communication , the opportunity to take over responsibility  as well as  interesting career tracks.

We exploit potentials of improvements  along the entire value chain and therefore strengthen the financial capability of the acquired company. We take all suggestions for improvements seriously and honor those which are being implemented successfully.  We try to avoid every kind of wastage, e.g. defective goods or unnecessary waiting time in production.

Based on our view, profitability is  an important precondition to generate sustainable and profitable growth and to secure jobs.

By implementing an adequate controlling we enable the management to monitor  the achievements of the company. This enables us to react promptly and to implement the right measures to stay on track.